Esther B.

spent her early years basking in the warmth of the Tashkent sun. While she left the Orient, the memory of its fragrance accompanied her to Europe, where a multitude of doors opened before her. Thus began a long journey which culminated in the emergence of the fashion designer Esther Batsheva.

Along the way, Esther explored various artistic and creative professions, always attempting to fuse professional life with her deep spirituality. During this time Esther was involved in numerous projects, including making costumes for theater performances and participating in fashion contests.

Throughout these years Esther Batsheva's adherence to Jewish tradition remained a guiding force in her life and has served as a constant source of inspiration.

Now, Esther is finally on the way to achieving her goals, melding knowledge and experience to find new shapes and forms as she continues her unceasing search for perfection.